Machine learning

Machine Learning gives computers the ability to learn and improve based on experience. Machine learning algorithms can use data to generate new insight into your current business environment and help you understand how to do things more efficient. 

Machine learning and AI are experiencing major attention across all business areas. Oftentimes, they are referred to as a wonderpill that solves all your company’s problems. But the fact that many companies that crown themselves as machine learning experts, yet fail to deliver measureable increase in value shows a different picture.

There are many applications and usecases, where intelligent algorithms can support people and help make their work more efficient. But not every process is suited for the implementation of these tools. At Impera, we plan every step of the process with one goal in mind: to deliver value to our customer, and not to sell algorithms to increase our revenue.

Our approach

At Impera, we work closely together with our clients to ensure delivering a machine learning model suited to their specific needs. 


With our experts, we advice you on how value for your company can be created due to the usage of machine learning models.


Once you decide to use the power of machine learning, our team will create a suitable solution for your business case.


Once the model is fully operational, our team will present the created insights to your management.

Possible use cases

Real estate

Machine learning can predict prices of estates based on its characteristics


Machine learning can automate invoice and receipt processing for your company


Algorithms can give you insight in your sales data by showing how customers form buying decisions