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What can you do, when you simply don’t have the data you’re looking for? Impera helps your business by retrieving and extracting information from various sources depending on your special needs, which can then be processed further.


In the age of interconnectivity, smart systems and digitalization, the use of cutting edge algorithms and technologies should not be left exclusice to international corporates. Impera aims to help clients understand the potential of these new technologies in their respective business and how one can harness value from existing data.


Media presence is a necessity for every company today. It opens up whole new possibilities of marketing, sales and advertising, and creates new occupations such as influencers. But how do you get people to listen? How do you reach out to important clients an how do you generate traffic? With “Smart Media Engineering”, Impera does exactly that for you.

Jessica Webb

Co - Founder

Yanase Kimiko

Software Developer

Kazutoshi Yokota

Data Scientist